Science Fiction/Fantasy, short stories

Quazhdo’s Round Stone


This story takes place in one of several alternate universes.

Quazhdo, the small, old, Man-Shaped Thing, woke up with a round stone in its hands. Tumaddov, the Very Large Creature with shaggy orange hair, hid behind some boulders and watched the old Man-Shaped Thing studying the mysterious round stone.

Tumaddov was a very curious creature, and questions began bubbling up in its mind. What was this old Manlike Thing, and what was that round stone it held. Tumaddov loved to ask questions, so it decided to follow the small Man-Shaped Thing, hoping to discover the answers. Quazhdo, on the other hand, was determined to figure out what the round stone was, and what he needed to do with it. And he wasn’t all that enthusiastic to answer Tumaddov’s endless irritating questions.