Science Fiction/Fantasy, short stories


Branden 1966 but unsure of the date3


I grew up in many places – Kansas, and Texas, but mostly in the pacific coast states of the U.S. including Hawaii.

I are sellf edecated. But I did manage to get through high school — Mar Vista High School, Imperial Beach, California.

Always attracted to books or movies that take me out of this world and into another.

Began writing in earnest around 2004 when I started an ambitious project called The Worldheart Epic. That story takes two teenage alien girls on a quest in search for answers to why their world is in the grim condition it is, and how to remedy it. Eventually, they even discover the answer to an ancient mystery question – the origin of their world’s eleven races.

I found myself ten years into that enormous undertaking when my health went bad and the project became too much for me. I handed it off to a fellow writer, Liam Kincaid, to finish. With that load lifted from my old shoulders, it became a little easier to write much smaller stories, and that’s where I am now.

The Science of my stories? Not much. I mean, it’s called science fiction, and fantasy – right? So the universes I write about may end up having a few different laws of physics. However, I’ve done some research on some of the science parts. Just keep in mind, these universes are my universes, and I can pretty much write how I need their science to work. So please, no mean letters or comments. If you wish to write,


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