Science Fiction/Fantasy, short stories


Welcome to Skip Curran’s novels blog. My stories are in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, but the sub-genre is of the unconventional kind*.

While I grew up reading a lot of the conventional science fiction novels and short stories (Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clark, Ayn Rand…), the stories with humans and references to Earth never quite satisfied me. Fantasy stories helped a little. But the only fantasy stories that I really cared for were those that had beings and places at least one step outside our world and universe.

Then I grew up… sort of.

Around the year 2003 I was working in my small wood shop where I built stilts for kids and adults, when I got the idea of making a modest attempt to market the stilts. I would write a very small children’s book that centered around kids and stilts. I decided it should be a 32 page book with lots of colorful pictures. The main characters would be a young frog girl named Kayla, and her best friend, Annabelle, a hedgehog.

Never quite happened. Liam Kincaid, a friend of mine became interested in helping with the story — and that’s when my life took a Big Turn.

I will, at this point trim my story down to a paragraph or three.

I think small, conservatively. Liam thinks Big, not so conservatively. In no time, under the compelling influence of Liam’s vision, the simple 32 page book for little kids morphed several times into One Very Large Epic Science Fiction Novel. This work would appeal to advanced young adult readers, as well as to old people like me. We built two entirely alien dystopian worlds, along with their histories spanning over 5,000 years. We marked a number of events and characters for spin-off stories.

But a few years ago I developed a couple of heart problems. The woodworking and grandiose writing project became too much for me to handle. I sold the business and looked forward to concentrating what health remained to completing the Worldheart Epic novel(s). This was still too much for what little health I had. I asked Liam Kincaid to go ahead and do what he wished with the large collection of story already written, and the endless notes made. Liam undertook writing a related spin-off series before completing the Worldheart Epic.

You can see what Liam’s been doing with this undertaking at his Fellstone Tales website.


MEANWHILE, I’ve decided to reduce the scope of my writing dreams by putting together some short stories that are, as is pointed out above, in the unconventional genre. I hope that if you take a peek at the links above you will get an idea of what I mean.



Graphics, as well as YouTube trailer videos, will be added as I can get them done.

Part of the reason why my science fiction/fantasy stories can be called unconventional:
There will be no angels, gods, goddesses, demons, dwarves, elves, dragons, fairies, ghosts, goblins, magic, trolls, vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards, zombies, gore, killing sprees, sex, superheroes, or foul language.

There is never any mention of Earth or humans — in any time periods. All the stories I write take place in universes that do not include ours.

My writing style never uses he said/she said attribution tags.